Wendy Lueder

Jewelry & Graphic Design

Welcome to my beadweaving world. Come along as I share my journey to where I am today.

 No matter how far back I try to remember, I always enjoyed trying to reflect the beauty I saw around me. A peacock run where even my pre-kindergarten self would trespass crawling under a property fence to watch the magnificently feathered birds; forest preserves where I would observe the dappled pattern of canopy leaves against dark blue skies high over soft moss green covered fallen trees; Crystal clear Lake Michigan waters rippling over pebbles mixed with minnows darting to and through. 

Sadly however, social pressure pushed me in the direction of hard-core academics, so a degree in philosophy was what was earned. Decades later I started doing what I wanted rather than what was expected. My first endeavors were knitting and dressing making. Then onto three-dimensional stained-glass paraffin oil-candle centerpieces.

 While selling these at DCOTA in Davie, Florida I became convicted of the danger of working so closely to toxic lead. For health’s sake, giving up that form of creativity, for two years I prayed that the Lord would show me another outlet for my desire to create beauty with color and light. Then, over two decades ago while browsing a bookstore, I felt spiritually drawn to a book whose title I could not even discern. Being convicted that this was an answer to prayer I bought Creative Beadweaving by Carol Wilcox Wells, read it at least five times and started the journey of creating my own pieces, pieces I would like to share with you. 

Now after being published in Bead & Button and BeadWork Magazines and their books, not to mention winning first prize for my Hogarth’s Curve necklace in the N.Y. State’s Fair, it is my desire to help you make your appearance wearing my artwork as dazzling and alluring as possible. 

This mission motivated me to return to school to acquire skills in color theory and all things “design”. At Broward College I was highly motivated and twice as old as all my professors. Earning Highest Honors in Graphic Design Technology has equipped me to bring you jewelry to thrill your heart. Let me customize its length so that it lays perfectly on your unique neckline; modify colors to enhance your skin tone, eye and hair color; and choose the perfect clasp to meet your individual needs. Let complete strangers stop you to ask where you purchased your jewelry. Be unique. Be beautiful and have fun wearing your own Captured Glimpse creation. It is my longing that this will bring joy and warmth into your life. Your friend, 

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