Make your piece uniquely yours. Customize your 
color palette, length and clasp type and clasp materials.

Unless you are pleased with the piece exactly as shown and described, we may be able to modify the colors, length and type of clasp to make your necklace one of a kind. Some pieces by their very structure cannot have their length adjusted. Allergies, such as to nickel, should be taken into consideration when choosing a clasp. Although arthritis makes the choice of magnetic clasps attractive, those who use Cardiac Pacemakers must avoid this type of clasp. 

Color Palette

Captured Glimpse Necklaces are available as shown. However, if you might enjoy highlighting the color of your eyes, you may wish to special order your own unique piece in sapphire blue or warm golden topaz. Special orders require a three week minimum creation time. Only the finest European crystals and Japanese seed beads are incorporated in our designs.

Clasp Types:
Magnetic Clasps

Newer magnetic clasps are exceedingly strong and will hold your necklace securely. We use the best quality MAG-LOC Magnetic Clasps.

We recommend their use for those with dexterity challenges but only if not using a cardiac pacemaker.

Clasp Types: 

Goldtone: The highest quality clasps are made of solid gold which will not tarnish nor rub off. Gold filled and gold plated clasps, although initially beautiful, tend to have their thin gold overlay eventually rub off. Gold filled has significant superior durability over gold plated. Gold plate is never recommended.

Silvertone: Both sterling silver and silver plated clasps will tarnish. I recommend Rhodium Plated clasps for silvertone color as they are tarnish resistant and maintain their high shine and gloss indefinitely.

Clasp Shapes:
Lobster Claw, Toggle

Other than magnetic clasps, the next easiest clasp to attach is a toggle clasp. However toggles are less secure than Lobster Claw clasps. An additional   benefit to using Lobster Claw clasps is the ability to include a two inch Extender Chain.

If choosing a Lobster Claw clasp, as they can be difficult to handle, either have someone close it for you or swing the necklace around, back to front, and attach the clasp yourself using a mirror.

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